Amper Age electric Yacht
Amper Age is a concept of electric yacht made in collaboration with naval engineers of AMETA company (St. Petersburg, Russia) and yacht designer Max Zhivov.

We have created another architectural type of vessel that combines the comfort and space of a small house with the seaworthiness of a coastal yacht.

A traditional yacht does not provide home-level comfort and a standard houseboat is limited in its seaworthiness and critically depends on weather conditions.

The hull of the yacht is supposed to be made of marine aluminum alloy which will provide the vessel with durability and strength without a significant increase in displacement taking into account the weight of a battery. The superstructure of composite sandwich will allow excellent thermal insulation and freedom of shaping with a small weight.

The big area of the glazing more typical for houseboats than for yachts provides a true enjoyment of the surrounding views while traveling.
The layout of the yacht is designed for a comfortable stay of 4-6 persons in two or three cabins.

The interior in the bow consists of a control post, a kitchen unit and a dining table with an encircling sofa which can be transformed into a bed.

In the aft part of the yacht is located the owner's cabin with a full double bed, wardrobe and desk for comfortable work with a laptop. From the bed through a huge panoramic window opens a fantastic panorama of the water expanses.

The sauna and shower unit with toilet are located in the middle part of the yacht. It provides comfortable and independent use from the bow and stern salons. The full-size sauna allows two additional beds if necessary.

On the upper deck there is a large space for outdoor recreation - sunbathing on two huge sofas comfortably covered from the wind by the side walls of the deck fence. Here you can install a grill, a water slide or consoles for transporting an inflatable boat.

The ship's power plant includes two electric motors, a battery pack, solar panels and a small auxiliary diesel generator in a special soundproof casing to provide energy at peak loads on long cruises and when using an electric sauna. And all this without the noise and exhaust of a gasoline engine in absolute acoustic comfort where nothing disturbs the sounds and smells of the surrounding nature!

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