MODUL GO houseboat
The main idea of "Modul GO" project is to create an inexpensive solution for life on water.
It is mobile and easily modified houseboat that adopts for customer needs.

"Modul GO" can be a standard living module with two rooms, cafe, equipment rental point, the base for hydroplanes, boat refueling module, cargo variant for transporting of goods and small passenger cars. Houseboats can be adopted for most of the specific requirements.
The houseboat is made on the basic platforms with size 9 m x 4,5 m and 13 m x 6,5 m.

For "Modul GO" are developed 10 types of sections that have following dimensions: width is 2,4 m and height is 2,3 m. And also there is a type of section with an increased height that is 3,5 m. Sections can have windows of different types or walls without any openings and etc.

"Modul GO" houseboats are equipped with electric motors and are fully ecological. Power of electric motors is chosen according to houseboat model and its functions.

The houseboat is designed in such way that can be easily transported by two euro tracks and quickly assembled by 4 persons during 2 days.
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