Sea Pride motor boat
Sea Pride is a modern motor boat designed specially for AMETA shipyard (
The boat is equipped with two control posts that provide full control of movement both from the closed cabin – during long transitions and in bad weather and from the cockpit – when maneuvering in harbors.

The boat includes four beds in a heated enclosed cabin, a unique soft sofa for sunbathing and relaxing in the bow, an electric toilet and washbasin, a compressor-type refrigerator, a fashionable Italian kitchen unit combining a gas stove and a kitchen sink, a built-in tank with an aerator for live fish.

Main characteristics:

Length 8,2 m
Width 2,75 m
Side height 1,45 m
Draft of hull 0,4 m
Empty displacement 2100 kg
Maximum engine power 300 hp
Fuel reserve 300 l
Passenger capacity 8 persons
Number of beds 2+2​