Tiny Eco hotel
The base for this hotel can become any lakes, fjords or bays.
The house and houseboat in our idea is one whole that can be divided separately.

For example, a tourist arrives in his tiny house and spends the night there and in the morning get into the houseboat and begins his day trip in the lakes enjoying beauty of nature.

And while the houseboat is moored to the tiny house it fulfills the function of big open balcony for chill out.

Tiny house has a kitchen, toilet and can accommodate up to 4 people. In the houseboat on the first deck there is large open space, a kitchenette and a toilet under the stairs. The upper deck has a natural coating of sand, grass, stones, and is designed for sunbathing.
Colored glass on the sides of the houseboat will give travelers an interesting filter effect of perception of nature.
The houseboat is equipped with electric motors so nothing can spoil communication with nature.

The houseboat will be equipped with unmanned technology.

The tourist going on his day trip can choose a point on the map on his smartphone through the application and travel to this point with help of smart phone. Or take over the phone control, as in the example of quad copter control.

In our opinion eco tourism is a great and open communication with nature,enjoyment of silence without harming it.