Trondheim Trawler 40 ft
The main idea of project "Trondheim Trawler" is a revision of classic trawler design and usage of innovative electric technologies. It is first project of trawler with electric motor.

First of all we decided to analize what are the main requirments for a yacht trip now. We think that efficiency and ecology are the main. So in our project we put in the first place nature reserve. It is important for us to understand that careful nature reserve can give a chance to save it for future generations.

Our trawler is a vessel of expedition class A Ocean, has steel hull and unlimited navigation area. It is designed for extended voyages where conditions may exceed wind force 8 (Beaufort scale) and significant wave heights of 4 m and above but excluding abnormal conditions.

​ Trawler is equipped with 2 "Torqeedo" electric motors.We installed two Deep Blue i 1400 rpm electric motors and two 64 Kwh big capacity batteries, this installation will allow you have 6 hours just electric motor ride in total quiet like on sailing yacht. We installed two Torqeedo 25 kwh high voltage generators for better reliability.

The boat has A class power efficiency, this means we have +30% longer range with same fuel storage like other 40 feet trawlers have. Two 25 kw generators supply on board electronics for high level comfort: heater, conditioner, stabilizators, so you will feel comfort all day and night.

​ Metal hull and 2 engine system allow you go to shallow and ice waters, go to regions like Alaska or Norwegian fjords, even in winter time that not recommended for plastic boats.

As for other advantages - bigger storage spaces. The small size of electric motors allow to add storage spaces for comfort long range ride.

Lower noise even when generators are ON. As you know generators with noise shields have 40% less noise from diesel engines and they don’t work in full 100% power, so you will feel like on sailing yacht under the sail.

Comfortable for accommodation of 6 persons.

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